Posted By: Kristen Brownholtz
The short answer is: YES! The long answer is: there are many things to take into consideration when looking to optimize your candidate screening and hiring process. Hiring managers in the investment business ultimately have three objectives when it comes to this process: targeting their sources so the pool of applicants is limited to the most valuable talent available,narrowing that targeted applicant pool down as efficiently and accurately as possible, and onboarding new hires without external complications such as delays or competing offers. So how do we do this?:

Posted By: Kristen Brownholtz
Even though it can have a great effect on ones physical and mental well-being, work burnout is something thats often overlooked in the workforce. Some workers who are experiencing burnout dont believe that their job is the main cause of their symptoms, and some dont even realize that they are burned out at all. Not sure whether or not this could be you? Carefully consider the questions below:

Posted By: Kristen Brownholtz
A working interview is just what it sounds like – bringing in a potential hire on a temporary basis to gauge their performance and fit – and it is a major component of the services provided by staffing agencies such as Fanning/Comforce.

Posted By: Kristen Brownholtz
With Massachusetts' unemployment rate continuing its downward trend, attracting the top candidates is becoming a more difficult and time-consuming process. One way to increase the pool of quality applicants is to consider re-hiring former employees.

Posted By: Kristen Brownholtz
Currently, millennials comprise about a third of the U.S. workforce, and over the course of the next decade, that number will skyrocket to an estimated 75 percent by 2025.

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