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First impressions can make you or break you, so it's essential to present the most impressive version of yourself in a job interview. While your previous experiences are what the employers are going to primarily focus on, your visual presentation is also going to come into play---and may even determine how the rest of the interview goes. People make snap judgments of others in a matter of seconds based on their appearance, so making sure that you're going to be wearing the proper attire for the environment is a very important step in your interview preparation. Below are some helpful visual guides on interview attire etiquette created by the Career Services department at UNC Chapel Hill:

Posted By: Kristen Brownholtz
Like any other higher education credential, the value of a standard MBA evolves as our culture and economy grow and change. A few decades ago, an MBA from an accredited university could instantly impress hiring managers and open doors in almost any field

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The jobs outlook for 2016 is strong, with hiring trends expected to meet and possibly exceed those of 2015.

Posted By: Kristen Brownholtz
Hiring is on the rise! Hurray! The bad news for job seekers, however, means that instead of a less competitive job market, it is becoming more so as the number of people looking for work also goes up.

Posted By: Kristen Brownholtz
The jobs outlook to start 2015 is positive both nationally and locally. According to several different polls, companies across all industries will be hiring in the coming year, and activity will be vigorous in the financial services and insurance industries.

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