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As we enter this New Year, we all make resolutions. 2020 took a lot out of all of us. Most of us do not stick to these resolutions through the end of the year, but with 2021 approaching, we could use tips for ourselves to promote self- care and wellness as we try and get back to "normal."

Our world is experiencing a trying time during the COVID-19 pandemic and with negativity surrounding our lives, researchers suggest, to avoid a global burnout, change your view from half- empty to half- full. One could look at working from home as a half- empty approach by saying they do not enjoy working from home and hate being confined all the time. Changing that point of view to half full, though they are in this pandemic, they are grateful to have a career that allows them to work from home and does not put them at risk. This mindset can promote positivity and well-being.

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Work with a purpose when you continue working from home. While earning your paycheck, do you struggle to determine your purpose? Redetermining your purpose can help you avoid stress and burnout. You can look at the deeper impact of what you do daily. How does your work life make a better life for other people? How can you add more meaning to what you do daily? There are apps designated to help you job craft if you feel like you might be in the wrong profession. It is in your best interest to determine how to manage conflicting priorities or how to deal with unreasonable demands.

During this pandemic, we have been tighter with our finances and more conscious than ever with our purchases. One way to promote positivity is to give to others. You can help those around you even working from home. You can support them even in the smallest way; giving them advice, help with a project not delegated to you, answer questions. The smallest act of kindness can re-energize you and help you find meaning in your work. Just remember to avoid burnout, do not put too much on your plate.

Feeling overwhelmed walking into the New Year? Take control. You can create more autonomy in your role if you can speak to your boss and have them determine if you are able to take more control over your tasks, projects, and/ or deadlines. Make sure you manage your time effectively before or while you are doing this. Make sure you are prioritizing, making use of to- do lists, and tie this all into your personal goals.

All our jobs have stress associated with them and we all handle stress in different ways. Going into this new year, make sure you are managing your stress effectively. This varies from person to person, but make sure you are getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, and exercising regularly. If you are doing the above and still find yourself stressed, there are different ways to help cope with your stress. Some individuals like a stress diary. In this diary write down what is causing you stress. This can help you "close the book" on your daily stress or continue to document so you can track it. Others also focus on meditation. Practicing breathing techniques, mediation, or other relaxation techniques can help you calm down when you are experiencing stress. Managing the way you think can also affect your stress levels. Monitoring your thoughts, reactions, and creating a positive environment can help you avoid unhealthy reactions and manage your emotions through a stressful situation.

We have all experienced our variety of stresses while navigating the challenges of 2020. These wellness tips can help promote a more positive work environment. This can also translate into a more positive personal environment especially while working from home. We have all faced challenges and thus far, we have overcome them to make 2021, a more positive year for ourselves!

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