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When it comes to interviewing you always want to put your best foot forward. You rehearse answers to standard questions and prepare to discuss your background. What about the things you should NOT bring up on your interview? Things you should never say? In order to make a great first impression, avoid saying the following:

  1. Sorry, I'm late. Being late for an interview is inexcusable. Part of showing your level of interest in the role is being prepared. And that means allowing for time to get lost or hit traffic. Get yourself to the area early but do not check in until 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment.
  2. I'll do anything. Yes, you want to sound eager, willing and able. But you also want to sound focused, and interested in the role for which you are applying. If asked what you are looking to do or what your ideal role is, have a specific answer. And make sure it related to the position!
  3. I don't have any questions. Show the interviewer that you are engaged and paying attention by asking thoughtful questions. Even if you are meeting multiple people and have had your questions answered put a different spin on the question or simply ask another person's opinion on a topic.
  4. I hate my job/boss/company. Stay positive. If you are negative about your current position then the interviewer may see you as a complainer who will only bring the same attitude to a new role.
  5. How much vacation time would I get? Let's not get ahead of ourselves! Vacation, benefits, and salary can all be negotiated at the offer stage, not during an interview.
Remember, you are there to sell yourself. You must appear interested and excited about the opportunity in front of you.

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