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Every year, new products, apps and software platforms are introduced to the financial marketplace that promise to make personal accounting and the investment tracking process easier. Some of these products and services come highly recommended and others are heavily weighted with high expectations that don’t amount to much.
Right now, one of the hottest and most valuable tools available online is a site called Sigfig, located at www.sigfig.com. If you’re an accountant, accounting manager, or investment manager, you may already be familiar with this tool, and chances are, you’re already recommending it to your clients to help them monitor their portfolios.
Sigfig offers visitors, financial pros, and clients a way to sync their advisory accounts, personal investment accounts, 401ks and other accounts into the same feed, where they can gain moment-to-moment updates at a single glance. The site also allows clients to compare the advice they’re given and the performance of their current funds against those chosen by a fresh pair of eyes. It never hurts to tune in to a second opinion, and Sigfig can help clients bring higher returns and reduce current fees by suggesting a few targeted adjustments to their investment profiles.
If your clients are concerned about asset allocation based on their current needs, time to retirement, and personal financial goals, Sigfig can help. The site provides easy-to-read charts that allow clients to compare their progress and performance to those of others in their demographic. The charts also allow each portfolio to be held up against a wide range of market indexes.
The most popular feature of SigFig is that it’s easy, fast, and free. Your financially savvy clients will appreciate this. It takes only minutes to set up an account that offers bank-level security and real time access to all the personal investment information your clients need to stay ahead of their goals.
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