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Most job seekers aren’t surprised to learn that employers conduct online searches as part of a standard hiring process. At a minimum, typing a candidate’s name into Google and skimming through whatever the search provides should be considered a baseline aspect of due diligence. What other online steps will employers take to learn about us? And in the meantime, who’s out there looking for candidates with our credentials and how are these searches being conducted?
In-House Recruiters
In-house recruiters may not be the ones who will actually interview or hire you for a position, but it’s their job to support company managers by reaching out to a pool of initial applicants. Since they’re focused on one manager, one company and one position at a time, they’re interested in gathering a small pool of promising candidates and they have a clear vision of what they want. These recruiters may find you on LinkedIn by typing the position title and other keywords into a search. When they find your profile, they’ll read the whole thing carefully before reaching out to you.
Recruiters have a large network of qualified candidates. They are able to network and find talented, qualified, individuals at networking events and online. They often find these candidates by searching LinkedIn or their own databases using keywords for position title, industry, and geographic area. When you submit your resume to a staffing firm, or fill out an online profile, make sure to include keywords and interests. Polish your online presence and make sure you are highlighting your skill set and goals.
Potential Employers
Potential employers who have already received your application and resume will probably launch a diligent search for any online information that falls within the bounds of ethics and legality.  They will be able to work with an experienced staffing firm to utilize their resources. Together they will use your previously provided materials as well as other resources, to find out if you are a top candidate for the position. Anything these employers find on your social media profiles will be fair game during the hiring process.
For more information about what potential employers may be looking for online, and guidance and tips on controlling your online reputation, reach out to the Boston staffing experts at Fanning Personnel and Comforce Staffing. They have the experience and resources to help you polish your job search strategy and find your next position.

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