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You’re a young person about to graduate and enter the financial job market for the first time…Or maybe you’re in the middle of your working life and you’re about to embark on a career change and take your first step into the field of financial advisory services. In either case, how can you make the most of this first big move? How can the right approach, the right mindset, and the right decisions launch your career and help you hit the ground running? Consider these words of wisdom from financial executives, CEOs and experienced mentors who have traveled this path before you.
Words of Wisdom for Your First Financial Job Search
“Start with your university job placement office.”
Sometimes the best positions are those that come to you through this channel. Connected employers know how to stand right at the pipeline and grab talented candidates before they even appear on the larger job market, so be one of these candidates. Don’t miss out on university sponsored opportunities you may not be able to easily access once you leave this venue.
“Don’t wait for the perfect job.”
Don’t sit still doing nothing while one less-than-perfect job after another passes you by. Just get moving. Begin your working life, and start learning from the people and experiences you encounter along the way. You don’t have to keep your first job forever.
“Never work for free.”
If a company can afford to profit from your labors, the company can afford to pay you. Unpaid internships are for high school students, not for graduates who have worked hard and invested heavily in the skills and training they have to offer. If you want to volunteer, provide your services to a non-profit charitable organization on a tight budget. A large investment firm doesn’t fall into this category.
“Just work hard, stay positive, and distinguish yourself. There’s no secret formula.”
From the moment you’re hired, show up, smile, and work hard. Do what’s asked of you plus a little more. If you can attract the attention of the right person, or a helpful and experienced mentor, all the better.
“Enjoy your work, and if you don’t enjoy it, change course.”
Keep your eyes and ears open during your first few years on the job. Do you like this work? If you do, you’re on the right path. If not, find a way to enjoy it or change direction within the first five years. If this isn’t the right field for you, find the one that is. Meanwhile, stay tuned in, ask questions, and learn as much about this industry as you possibly can.
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