I've used Chris Kennedy to help me with recruiting at my company for almost 15 years. She has a robust understanding of investment management industry staffing, is clear on the skills and characteristics we are looking for, and quickly grasps any underlying needs or nuances I describe. And because she is such a good interviewer, she has a knack for finding and recommending candidates that without her endorsement I might not otherwise have considered...and often those are the candidates we've hired.
Allison M.
When looking to increase staffing, my first call is to Adam. His ability to find the best candidates along with his intuition in determining whom will be successful have clearly allowed him to differentiate himself from others. Additionally, while the search process is never straightforward and simple, Adam has proved tireless in his commitment to helping me find the ideal candidates.
Adam S.
It has been a pleasure to work with Tricia Devlin over the past four years. Comforce has been our go-to staffing agency, which has largely been due to Tricia's excellent customer service and her ability to find the right candidates whenever we need them. In an industry where staffing agency professionals seem to change frequently, it has been wonderful to have Tricia's stable and reliable presence to turn to when we have a temp need. I know she can always be counted on and I value the trusted business relationship we have formed. In addition, she has a friendly, outgoing personality, which always makes the experience that much better. I highly recommend Tricia to any organization!
Sharon C.
I have worked with Adam for a few years now on multiple assignments. Although Adam isn't the only recruiter I work with, he has successfully filled more of our open positions in the past year than any other recruiter. Adam understands the type of candidate I'm looking for and does not present candidates that are not qualified simply to try to place someone. He approached the process in a very friendly way and never tries to press the issue, which has resulted in a very good working relationship. Adam is definitely one of my first calls when a position opens up.
Aaron C.
I have called upon Tricia Devlin many times in the last five years to help me out with temporary staffing needs. I find her to be friendly, outgoing, knowledgeable and very easy to work with. I know when Tricia sends me candidates that they are reliable and professional. Tricia is great at following up to get feedback either during or after an assignment. Last minute assignments are never a problem for her and her team. They always come through.
Joanna H.
I have worked with Adam on two separate searches now, and both have yielded great people that we have been able to add to our team. Adam took the time to really learn about our office culture and our business to provide candidates that are not only technically qualified, but also a good fit for our team. Being a new company with a small but growing staff, fit is extremely important, and Adam was able to successfully address this concern for us. As new positions become available in our office, I look forward to working with Adam and Fanning to help fill those positions.
Sean M.
I have had the pleasure of working with Chris Kennedy for over seven years while recruiting for two different companies in Boston's financial services industry. Her professional and diligent approach to present top talent, coupled with her ability to match the talent with what is right for a particular organization, is what puts her at the top when it comes to making successful placements. She has a deep network of high caliber candidates in the financial services industry and I know I can rely on her consistently. Chris is someone whose industry insights I often seek out. I have and will continue recommending her to both candidates looking to be placed and other firms looking to partner with an agency.
Paige S.
Over the past three years I have worked with Adam on several job placements. His uncanny ability to consistently deliver top notch candidates is remarkable. From the beginning, Adam was able to not only develop an effective working relationship with me but also meet my expectations when it came to service and commitment to finding the right candidate. Overall, working with Adam allows me to put my focus on the more important aspects of recruiting versus exhausting significant resources during the initial search phase.
Jon P.
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