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When it comes to searching for a new position, figuring out where to begin can seem very overwhelming. There are a lot of turning gears in the job hunting process, so it's important to know which steps to take first so as to not find yourself stuck in limbo. If you do find yourself questioning what to do, consider these five initial steps:

1. Figure out what exactly it is that you're looking for.

- What sort of working environment do you want to be a part of?
- What sort of responsibilities do you want to have within the workplace?
- What qualifications do you possess?
- How high of a salary are you seeking?

Think about the company culture, size, and location that you desire, what your strengths and weaknesses are as a candidate, and what sort of positions you are planning to apply to.

2. Research companies that fit your determined criteria.
- Have you gone online and researched companies with open positions that match the sort of job that you're seeking?
- Have you delved deep into online job portals like LinkedIn and Indeed to see what you could discover?
- Do these companies seem like suitable workplace options for you?

Think about which places and positions might best suit your needs after learning about as many companies as possible.

3. Prepare your documents for submittal prior to applying for positions.

- Are there contacts of reference or performance reviews that you need to gather?
- Is your resume accurate and up-to-date?
- Will you tailor the content of your resume at all to coincide specifically with positions that you wish to apply for?

Think about consistency in resume formatting as well as whether or not it is well fleshed out and contains key words that match the job description.

4. Contact a recruiter to aid you in your job hunt.
Here at Fanning Personnel, we have been connecting candidates with Boston employers in the investment field since 1968. If you are looking for a position of that nature and see a job posting on an online portal, reach out to us prior to applying on your own! A recruiter here may have a contact at that company and can connect you.

Think about utilizing your network, professional and personal contacts, throughout your job hunt.

5. Remember to be patient and stay focused during the process.
Finding a new position is not always a fast process and can even crawl at times. That being said, it's very important to stay positive and hopeful throughout your job hunt and trust that you will find the right fit for you with time. If you do end up playing the waiting game, be sure to continuously check out online job portals for new listings.

Think about touching base with your recruiter regularly; you never know what opportunities might come along.

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