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We all know that sitting down to write your resume can be stressful. You have one page (two if you have over 10 years of experience) to sell yourself and your skills, and it has to be perfect. That is a lot of pressure! An easy place to start is with what you can leave out. Take a look at these five things you should never include on your resume:

1. Unrelated experience. If you are applying to work in the investment field and have experience in the industry, there is no need to include retail, restaurant or other service jobs from college. It is better to expand on the experience you have which relates to the role you want. For entry-level candidates and recent grads, you may need to leave those roles on there, but try to find duties that would translate well into a new role. In addition, as your career progresses and your resume grows, don't forget to take those unrelated positions off!

2. The Objective. Are you seeking a role in an investment firm where you can add value and grow professionally? So is everyone else! Forgo the objective, and replace it with a short profile that highlights your qualifications.

3. Orphan. No, not that kind. An orphan is when the end of your sentence (just one or two words) falls onto a line by itself leaving excess white space. Avoiding orphans can be a huge space saver when writing your resume, especially if you have multiples throughout the document. You should either adjust your margins or try rewording your bullet.

4. Personal Info. Never put anything confidential on your resume. There is no need to include your social security number, date of birth or age. Also, do not include a photo on your resume – leave that for your LinkedIn profile (and make sure it is professional!).

5. References Available Upon Request. This little line is completely unnecessary on your resume. Of course, you will provide your references! Don't waste space on something obvious. If you are unable to provide certain references due to the confidential nature of your job search, you can discuss that with your recruiter or hiring manager once you reach that stage in the interview process.

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