Posted By: Deanna DeBenedictis

Now that 2019 is officially underway it is time to start working on those resolutions! If your goal for 2019 is to find a new job then you're in luck. Boston investment firms are hiring! So, what are the next steps in achieving your goal of finding a new job? Let's take a look:

Review your resume. This is always the first step! It can be a time consuming process but you'll want to perfect your resume so it is ready to go when you see a job opening. Focus not only on content but the format and of course proofreading!

Put yourself out there. Make sure that LinkedIn profile is up to date. Complete your profile to make it easier for employers to find you!

Network. Reconnect with your Fanning recruiter to see what they are working on!

Start searching! The Fanning website is updated daily with new jobs. Check it regularly...your next job could be there waiting for you!

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