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Like any other higher education credential, the value of a standard MBA evolves as our culture and economy grow and change. A few decades ago, an MBA from an accredited university could instantly impress hiring managers and open doors in almost any field, since it suggested a sense of leadership and intellectual rigor. At this point, the value of an MBA has eroded slightly, but there are still several ways this credential can support a successful career in the financial sector. If you're an entry or mid-level financial pro, an accountant, or an investment advisory expert, consider some of the ways an MBA can help you move forward.

Benefits of an MBA for Finance Employees

1. An MBA suggests management training. If you're about to pursue a promotion to management, keep in mind a simple fact that your supervisors already know: management skill and technical skill are not the same. Sales experience, financial savvy, and analytical skill won't necessarily help you when you need to keep your team motivated or lead them through a difficult period of change. An MBA can prove that you're ready to cross the bridge from employee to leader.

2. An MBA expands your options beyond the finance industry. If you aren't sure how far a financial career can take you, or you don't see yourself remaining in this industry until you retire, an MBA can open the door to leadership and business positions in a wide range of other fields.

3. An MBA can give you leverage at the negotiating table. Since your degree can increase your value to managers and employers across multiple fields, your current employers may be motivated to factor this credential into your yearly salary increase. Even if you aren't yet ready to take over a team or launch your own enterprise, your current employers will want to do whatever it takes to keep you out of the hands of their competitors.

4. An MBA can actually help you learn something about how the world works. Experience can be an excellent teacher, but there are some lessons that only classroom instruction, expert mentoring, and course work can provide. An MBA can help you better understand the complex overlay between business and finance, especially in your chosen subsection of the marketplace.

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