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Setting up a profile on the site is easy and free, and only takes a few minutes to complete. And once your page is established, the site can cross reference your email account and present you with a long list of people you may know and may want to add to your list of connections.

Once your name appears in a global network of established acquaintances and potential new contacts, it will be fairly easy for recruiters and employers to find you when they launch a search for a person with your interests and skill sets.

LinkedIn also uses a sophisticated algorithm to help you find the positions and employers you need while they're busy searching for you. The more complete your profile, resume and credentials, the more accurate the job postings the site will send your way.

In the meantime, a feed of status updates, links, and featured articles can keep you updated on industry news and let you know what your friends and professional contacts are working on.

For more guidance on setting up a Linked profile and using it to your best advantage during the job search process, reach out to the staffing experts at Fanning Personnel and Comforce.

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