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Intangible Skills that Investment Firms are Seeking

If you're applying for a financial position at any level, from Client Service Associate to Product Manager or Research Assistant to Portfolio Analyst, you'll need to meet the technical requirements employers specify for the position. However, employers will also be looking for broad and intangible traits. Your odds of landing your dream job will increase if you possess—and can demonstrate—these traits that forecast success in almost every financial role.

1.Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
If you thought "math skills" might top this list, think again. Finance is a numbers-oriented field, for sure, but clear and powerful communications skills are just as vital. If you can express a complex thought, make a multi-layered argument, and communicate a point successfully, your potential employers will want to see evidence of this.

2.Analytical Skills.
If you wait for the numbers to come in before forming an opinion or finalizing a decision, employers will see this as a positive sign. They'll also respond well if you tend to build solutions from the ground up by gathering and analyzing relevant data.

Before you're ready to support High Net Worth individuals, you'll need to understand how small actions and decisions can have lasting and far reaching consequences. In the world of finance, attending to a detail versus cutting a corner can tie directly into issues of ethics and responsibility.

In the financial field, employers are unlikely to take you by the hand and lead you up a clear ladder to ultimate success. You'll need to request promotions on your own, for example, instead of just waiting for them to be handed to you. And you'll need to strike out independently in search of new opportunities for experience, exposure, and education.

To find a role where you can not only use your skills and experience but also demonstrate your intangible traits reach out to the Boston financial staffing experts at Fanning Personnel.

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