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With employers using Skype for their first round interviews, it's a good idea to take your digital interviewing skills to the next level. Here are some tips to help you have the most seamless interview possible.

1. Dress the part
Unlike a phone interview, you need to pay attention to how you visually present yourself in a Skype interview. Since you're not there physically, looking the part becomes even more important. Even though the interview may take place from the comfort of your own home, you still need to project a professional image.

2. Prepare your surroundings
It's important to select a distraction-free setting that will be conducive to your interview. Choose a quiet space and be sure to silence any noisy devices that could go off in the middle of your interview. You want your interviewer's attention to be on you, not what what's behind you. A cluttered background may distract your audience and send the wrong idea of your organization skills.

3. Address tech problems immediately
The day before your interview, be sure to test out the video and microphone functions to ensure everything is working properly. When you're relying on video or phone equipment, tech issues are bound to occur. Be sure to prevent them from happening on your end!

4. Prepare notes
One advantage to a Skype interview is that you do not have to remember everything you want to mention. Of course you do not want to read off the page word for word, so jot down a few key talking points or questions. Knowing that you have notes available will give you that extra boost of confidence to ace the interview!

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