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Everyone always says 'make sure you're prepared for your interview', but what exactly do they mean? What does a good interview prep entail? Let's take a look at your interview prep musts:

  • Call your recruiter. If you scheduled your interview through a staffing agency be sure to call your recruiter. He/she will provide you with more details on the company and role, as well specific insights into the interview process and the individuals you're meeting. NOTE: Do not call for your prep while driving or walking outside on a windy day. Be ready to take notes and pay attention!
  • Research the firm. Spend some time on the company website so you know exactly what the firm does, a bit about its history and its mission. Also, search for any recent news about the company. And take a look at the LinkedIn profiles of the individuals you will be meeting – no need to connect with anyone yet – just familiarize yourself with their roles.
  • Come up with answers. When you prep with your recruiter he/she will spend some time on interview questions and answers. But you'll want to do your own research, find additional interview questions online and prepare your answers. Don't over-prepare to the point where your responses don't sound genuine, but have a general idea of what you want to say.
  • Come up with questions. Be prepared to ask questions during the interview. You may think of questions during the actual interview. But just in case nothing comes to mind during the meeting, have a few things prepared beforehand.
  • Rehearse. You want to be able to explain your background. Use your resume as a reference and tell your story starting with where you attended college to your current role. Again, don't over-rehearse! You want to sound too robotic, just know what you want to say and how you want to say it.
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