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Whether you have been on the job hunt for months or you just started looking, getting a job offer is exciting! Your hard work has paid off and a company wants to add you to its team. That is great! However, you still need to think things through and make sure you are making the best decision for you.

Any moves you make in your career affect your resume and impact your candidacy for future roles. Having too many jobs or being with a company for a short period of time (unless it is a contract role) raises red flags. Avoid accepting a job just to accept it. Put some thought into the following before accepting or declining that job offer:

  • Money. Is the offer less than you were hoping for? You must be certain you are accepting a salary you can live off. However, taking a pay cut for your dream job is not out of the question. Having a fulfilling career can definitely be worth it. And the position could be a starting point for bigger and better things. Take the time to crunch the numbers before accepting the role.
  • Logistics. Can you easily get to the office every day? Do the hours work for you? Work life balance is important and deserves some thought before accepting a job offer.
  • Room for growth. Do you see a career path at the company? Or are you just focused on the role in front of you? Think long term. If your career cannot progress within the company, will you be okay with having to join yet another firm when you are ready for that next step?
  • Gut feeling. When you know, you know. If you have no doubt this is the right job for you, then prepare to accept! However, even if you are eager to make a change, if something in your gut is telling you this is not the best move then you should listen.
If you are offered a role that you feel you should turn down, it is okay. The hiring company and/or your recruiter may be disappointed at first. However, in the long run, it is far better to turn down the offer gracefully rather than accept a position, go through the on-boarding and training process only to leave after a short period of time.

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