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We are often so concerned with finding the latest and greatest interview tips and questions that we forget the basics. You should not think of the following tips as old-fashioned or outdated, they are absolute "musts" in any interview situation:
  • Wear a suit. It is better to be slightly overdressed in a suit than to be the only person in the building wearing business casual. Keep your tie or jewelry conservative, and make sure your clothes are clean and pressed. Also, do not smoke or wear too much perfume/cologne before a meeting, odors can be bothersome and distracting to the interviewer.
  • Bring your resume. You've already emailed your resume, so why bring it? You may be right. In many situations, the interviewer will print it out before your meeting. However, this is NOT a guarantee! You should still bring a few copies with you to give to anyone you meet.
  • Arrive on time. Give yourself plenty of time to get to an interview. It is better to arrive early and wait in a coffee shop nearby than to arrive 15 minutes late. Check in with security and/or reception about 10 minutes prior to your interview to allow time to fill out any paperwork.
  • Fill out the paperwork! If you are given an application, do not respond with 'but they have my resume', or worse write in "see resume". Recruiters and hiring managers alike do not appreciate this. If you are genuinely interested in a role, then fill out an application for it.
  • Bring a pen and paper. Carry your resumes in a portfolio with a notepad, and a couple of pens (in case one runs out of ink). The interviewer will be watching to see if you take notes.
These are the basics to live by. Do your research and fully prepare for the interview, but don't forget about these fundamentals. Check out more of our interview tips here.

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