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The jobs outlook for 2016 is strong, with hiring trends expected to meet and possibly exceed those of 2015. Nationally, employment outlook surveys indicate anywhere from 20 percent to 56 percent of companies expect to add employees in the coming year and only 6 or 7 percent are anticipating cuts. One survey indicated that hiring in the finance sector in Massachusetts will continue at a steady pace.

In Boston, Boston.com's recent list of the top 30 jobs in the area for 2016 was heavy on health care, human services and IT sectors, which is no surprise. But the list, which reflects positions expecting the strongest growth, also included personal finance advisors at No. 6 and financial analysts at No. 12.

Also encouraging is the recently released Duke University/CFO Global Business Outlook survey, which suggests that a surge in hiring in 2016 will push the national unemployment rate down closer to 4 percent. Massachusetts, which saw unemployment in the state drop to 4.6 percent in October, its lowest since 2008, is already below the national average.

There are a few variables that could affect the finance industry in general, such as the Fed's upcoming decision on raising interest rates and potential weaknesses in global economies like China, but overall trends indicate a strong market. That will give leverage to experienced job candidates to responsibilities, salary and benefits.

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