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When is the right time to talk salary?

One of the most important parts of the job search and interview process is also one of toughest to introduce: Salary.

How and when to broach the topic of salary is a hot topic of debate for job coaches. There are those who say the candidate should never be the person to ask about money during an interview; most agree that applicants should put off salary talk for as long as you can.

If pressed for a number by the hiring manager, it's OK to be vague. For example, say something like "I would expect a salary in line with the responsibilities and expectations of the position. Can you further explain them?" Or turn it around and ask about the salary range that is budgeted for the position.

The good news for job seekers working with a recruiter is that a recruiter takes care of the money talk for you. During previous interviewer with the recruiter, you will likely have outlined a salary history, current expectation and any other factors you would consider as part of an overall benefits package (option of working remotely, commuter reimbursements, generous health/retirement packages) that would make a lower salary more acceptable.

Ultimately, salary is a negotiation, but candidates should never start to negotiate until an offer is actually made. In the meantime, do your due diligence and research salaries for comparable positions, experience and responsibilities. Know where you fit in that range and also be clear about what you want.

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