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When interviewing at an investment firm, a jobseeker will be asked more than "where do you see yourself in 5 years?" The interviewer will want to get a better understanding of your investment knowledge and will most likely ask some technical questions. Most of these will be specific to the position, but there are a few general questions anyone may be asked while interviewing for a financial services position:

1.Describe a macroeconomic trend you're observing in the current market.

A recruiter or hiring manager will ask this to see how closely you follow the markets. Even entry level positions in the investment industry require some knowledge of the markets and current trends. If you are looking to begin your career in financial services it is a good idea to start reading the finance section. And for the more seasoned professional, make sure you are up to date on what is happening before going in for an interview.

2.At what value is our stock currently trading?

Your ability to answer this question (or something similar about the company) shows whether or not you've done your research. It also represents your level of interest in the firm. What do you know about this company? How much time did you spend preparing for the interview?

3.Tell me about a risk you have taken. How did you make your decision?

Not only does your answer let the hiring manager know if you are strong willed and have the tenacity to handle uncertainty, but it also gives the interviewer a look at your thought process. How do you go about making big decisions? Are you analytical? Thorough?

4.What is 16 x 22?

For some, these surprise math questions are dreadful, but they aren't something to stress over. The interviewer simply wants to see your problem solving skills. If you are interviewing for a role that doesn't involve numbers work, they may want to see how you handle something outside of your comfort zone and how well you work under pressure.

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