Posted By: Deanna DeBenedictis

Whether you are a recent college graduate or a seasoned professional, interviews can be a nerve-racking experience. What is best way to stay calm and have a successful interview? Go back to the basics of interview prep!

Research: Eliminate the risk of being caught off guard and make yourself look good by asking questions. The more you know about the company, the people you are meeting and the position for which you are interviewing the more confident you will be going into the interview.

Rehearse: Prepare for an interview by rehearsing answers to various questions. Practice explaining your resume, starting with the college you attended and/or your first job all the way through to your current position. By saying these things aloud you become more comfortable with the answers and talking about yourself.

Arrive early: Do not let a bad commute or slow start to the day distract you from a great interview. Leave yourself enough time to find your way and fill out any possible paperwork the firm may have for you. Having to rush will cause unnecessary stress.

Stick to these three basics and the rest will fall into place. If you put enough time and effort into your prep then you'll have nothing to worry about once the interview begins. Sit up straight, think about the questions before answering and give a thorough yet concise response…just like you practiced!

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