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Hiring mistakes can be extremely costly to companies, affecting the bottom line as well as employee morale, client satisfaction and loss of staff and managerial time.
Using a strategic hiring approach can help reduce the chances of bringing the wrong person on board. It can also help reduce turnover, which has been estimated at an average of 15 percent a year across all U.S. industries.
So what is strategic hiring? Simply put, it is following the hiring process for current positions with an eye toward future potential. Don’t just look at what you need today.
  • Have a written hiring plan to outline the overall process of bringing on new people, and have a clear-cut job description for the position you currently need to fill.
  • Don’t cut corners during the application and interview process and take more than just personality into consideration when you are making your hiring decisions. Check references and backgrounds.
  • Look at what a candidate’s immediate contribution will be, but weigh their other skills and strengths to envision what role he or she may be able to grow into.
  • Listen to what goals they have for themselves and how they would like to grow.
Keep in mind the process doesn’t end with the handshake and signed offer letter. Retaining your experienced and productive staff is as important as bringing them onboard in the first place. Take a look at your training and development opportunities and determine if and when cross-training for other roles is appropriate.
Company culture, benefits and growth opportunities all play a role in a company’s turnover rates, but having a strategic hiring plan in place can help you find the best candidate for your needs. Whether you have a plan in place or are in the process of building one, Fanning Personnel and Comforce Staffing welcome the opportunity to partner with you in your search for the ideal candidate. 

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