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Some of the best and most talented candidates on the financial job market also happen to be the most tech savvy. To stay ahead of the curve in the interview process you must be prepared to discuss not only your technical skills but also the apps you use to follow the markets. Here are a few of the top apps available to investment professionals:
Stock Watch iPad Edition
Toughturtle LLC created this app to help iPad users track the stocks they already own. Unlike Stock Guru described below, which is focused on helping users buy and sell, this app tracks value, gains, costs, and price changes from day to day. This stock is very well rated for its scope (it provides news feeds as well as technical data) and its appealing user interface.
Stock Guru for iPad
Those who need a little extra guidance with buying and selling can use this app to evaluate potential decisions based on stock valuation, risk, momentum, and financial strength. The app provides data on over 6,700 stocks in the form of risk scores, risk return charts, and risk volatility comparisons. It may be heavily used by candidates who are already comfortable functioning as their own stock brokers.
Stock Touch
Stock Touch is provided by Visible Market Inc and is designed to help users keep track of the top 100 U.S. stocks and the top 100 stocks in the global marketplace. Updates for this app are delivered about every five minutes during the trading day.
Bloomberg for iPad
This app is provided by Bloomberg Financial LP and provides access to all of the podcasts run by Bloomberg. The app is ad supported, but if you have no problem with that feature, you can use it to stay up to date on a wide range of financial news.
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