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Across the nation, signs of economic recovery are slowly beginning to make their way into job market data. In the state of Massachusetts and the Boston metro area, these signs are becoming clearer every day as hiring regains momentum and businesses begin to expand.
But some aspects of recovery are more pronounced than others. A few select areas of the finance industry appear to be on the fast track to a stable pace and a greater balance between the available pool of talented employees and the employers who are searching for them both on and offline. If you’re looking for new candidates to step into any of these roles, you’re not alone. And if you’re a candidate searching a position in these fields, your prospects are on the increase.
Mortgage Loans: Servicing and Origination
For a few years now, this area of the marketplace has been focused on the management and servicing of delinquent loans. While servicing still presents a strong area of need, employers have also started opening up positions related to lending, refinancing, and purchase originating.
Financial IT
As the financial system rebounds, small businesses enter the marketplace, and investors get back on track, IT candidates who can share the burden will be in high demand. Specific financial tech needs will include security, records management, and the development of apps and programs that can improve market tracking and financial management techniques. Employers will be looking for IT pros who can manage network systems, develop new apps from the ground up, and keep data systems secure and safe.
Wealth Management and Financial Advisory Services
Personal investments are rebounding in value, and a wave of baby boomers about to leave the workforce are facing a unique set of challenges as they transition their financial strategies from saving to spending. To handle this load of potential new clients, new financial advisory firms are opening their doors, and those that survived the recent slowdown are beginning to expand. Managers will need to take a strategic approach to hiring in order to attract the strongest candidates in this competitive field.
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