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Compliance officer is a relatively new position at many companies, but it is also one of the fastest-growing jobs in the country. At Fanning-Comforce, we have seen a surge in requests for compliance-related positions, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 15 percent growth in this field by 2020.
But what is a compliance officer, and does your company need one?
The compliance officer helps develop and implement policies and procedures based on a company’s standard of conduct. He or she will ensure laws are met and local, state and federal regulations specific to your industry are followed. The position operates independently and objectively to evaluate issues and concerns within the company and has oversight of the Board of Directors (paid or unpaid), management and employees to ensure rules and standards are met.
Additionally, the compliance officer may institute corrective action to bring a matter in line with policy and procedure. Some experts note that having a compliance officer, as well as written standards of conduct and other operating procedures, can help mitigate sanctions for violation of policy, law or regulations.
More stringent regulation of some of the largest industries in Massachusetts – banking and finance, health care, education and the nonprofit sectors in particular – is fueling the demand for compliance officers.
To find the compliance professional to fit your needs reach out to the staffing experts at Fanning Personnel and Comforce Staffing.

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