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HR studies are providing increasing evidence that work-life balance can strongly influence employee productivity, morale, and turnover rates. Balance issues can even have an impact on a company’s leverage during the hiring process, since a strong commitment to a healthy workplace can elevate a company’s profile and attract a larger pool of highly qualified applicants. So if you look around the office and see distinct signs of work-life imbalance or morale problems that may be alienating your top talent, gain some control over these issues before your company pays the price. Try these simple moves.
1. Clarify goals and instructions. Nothing frustrates employees more than staying late the office to complete projects that go unused, or to finish work for the second time because unclear communication derailed the first round. Effective communication means bringing everybody into the loop, nipping confusion in the bud, checking in regularly, and keeping meetings well-planned and short. Get things done right– the first time.
2. Strengthen manager-employee relationships. Employees who are asked to sacrifice their personal lives for the company’s benefit are more likely to do so if they’re motivated by a sense of loyalty and genuine respect. Grudging obligation can only take the company so far.
3. Encourage remote task completion. If you can send employees home, do so. According to the old model, employees were expected to stay in the office unless they had an absolute need to work from home, and even then, employers were often reluctant to let them go. Managers are now realizing that opposite approach works better: Unless you have a clear reason to make employees spend the day in the building, send them home. You’ll save on overhead, commuting problems, and in some cases even salary, since most employees consider working from home a perk. 
4. Keep the workplace positive. This refers to both the physical climate and the culture. Let in plenty of natural light, keep things clean, and make sure employees consider the workplace safe. Studies show a direct correlation between low productivity and employees who feel their company disregards issues related to basic health and safety. Discourage morale killers like systemic bias and in-house competition. Work hard to keep things aboveboard and fair.
5. Finally, never ignore work-life balance issues or consider them incidental to company success. Your competitors aren’t doing this, and unless you want your best employees poached away, neither should you.
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