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Your job post represents the first contact you establish with potential employees, and depending on the size and profile of your company, your post may actually be a job seeker’s very first exposure to your company brand. So make this contact count, and recognize that the quality of your job post matters. A weak post can deter great candidates—and can even attract the ones you don’t want. But a clear, confident and appealing post can target your message to the candidates that can help your company grow.
Five Steps to a Stronger Job Post
1. Think like a great job seeker. Before you write one word of your post, put yourself in the position of your ideal candidate. What do you know about this person, and what is she looking for? What kind of headline will make her want to read more, and what kinds of clichés does she see a thousand times a day? Let your competitors crank out those tired headlines while you create something that makes her stop, click, and read on.
2. Don’t take liberties with the title of the position. While you’ll need to be creative with your headline, the actual position title should be very straightforward and limited to the words your top applicants will type into search engines. Use terms like “financial sales representative” or “financial account manager”. Avoid adding words candidates are unlikely to search for, like “wizard” or “pro”.
3. Describe the company briefly before jumping into a discussion of the job and a long list of requirements. Candidates should get a quick sense of your company culture, size, location and business model before they read on.
4. As you list candidate must-haves, should-haves, and need-not-applies, remember to balance clarity with respect. For example, if you really don’t want unemployed candidates to pursue this job, be careful. State this if you chose, but recognize that this disrespectful and shortsighted message will turn great candidates off (both the employed and the unemployed). State what you truly need, be clear, keep your list as brief as possible, and above all, be courteous and appealing. Avoid all caps and too much negativity. Think honey, not vinegar.
5. Make the application process easy. Simply ask for a resume and cover letter attached to an email as Word files and sent to specific address. Nothing inspires confidence and trust like a smooth, simple process with minimal tedious hoops to jump through. At the same time, nothing inspires skepticism like an awkward, confusing process riddled with online forms to fill out and endless broken links.
Above all, remember: great candidates have plenty of options. If your post is unappealing, you’ll lose your top contenders, and you probably won’t deter the minimally qualified, those with low standards, and the desperate. For specific guidance and resources, reach out to the Boston financial staffing experts at Fanning Personnel.

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