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Your budget may not be expected to triple in the coming year, and your actual location, product, brand, and culture may not be heading for a sudden and radical transformation in 2013. But that’s no excuse for standing still. A few small, affordable changes like the ones below can come with low risk and bring a potentially enormous payoff. Make the workplace a little easier to manage for your hardworking employees, and they’ll be motivated to give you even more of their talent, commitment, and loyalty than they already do.
Small Workplace Changes with Big Impact
Allow Workers to Operate Remotely
In fact, don’t just allow remote task completion– encourage it. Giving employees the flexibility to work from home can make huge difference in their overall levels of job satisfaction, and if you think remote connectivity will make workers less productive, think again. HR studies consistently show that workers who set their own schedules and check in from remote locations are actually more productive than their counterparts. They put in more hours, come up with better ideas, and generally accomplish more. The most important reason to let your workers take their jobs home: Your competitors are already doing it.
Add a Stronger Social Element to your Recruiting Process
If you introduce social networking to your hiring and candidate sourcing strategies, two things will happen: 1.) You’ll attract more applicants who are already connected with your workplace culture and are more likely to fit in there, and 2.) You’ll attract more applicants who are outgoing and socially connected. Both of these can provide a boost to your workforce and your bottom line. Start by adding a social media component to your recruiting efforts (post open positions on Facebook and LinkedIn, etc) and continue by turning your existing employees into active recruiters. Offer hiring incentives, publish posts internally before you take them public, and ask your employees to encourage their friends to apply. If you are having difficulty, ask an experienced recruiter to help you develop a social recruiting process.
Make your Workplace Healthier
Attack this small change on all fronts. Provide healthy snack options. Encourage group runs and exercise during the lunch hour. Provide gym memberships. Provide flu shots. Provide hand sanitizer on every surface. And just as important, clean up the environment your workers are immersed in all day. Consider the air quality in your building and make improvements that bring in more fresh air (open windows) and less recirculated air full of stagnant pathogens and carbon dioxide. While you’re bringing in more natural air, bring in more natural light.
Small differences like these can reduce lost workdays due to stress, illness, and competing demands. Your employees will thank you for it, and they’ll show their thanks by increasing their dedication and possibly introducing their own talented connections to your workforce. Reach out to the investment staffing experts at Fanning Personnel for more tips on keeping your workplace thriving and productive.

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